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The best programmable slow cookers are on the market to make your life even easier. Manual slow cookers require some observation and you have to do a lot of the work for yourself. One of the main types of slow cookers on the market is called the “Set ‘N’ Forget” which is exactly what these programmable models are designed to let you do. Great main meals become a breeze with these slow cookers, allowing you to cook stews, soups, gravies, casseroles, curries and much much more with exceptional ease.

Price of Programmable Slow Cookers

A quick note before I start listing specific models, the price of the best programmable slow cookers is something worth mentioning. Manual models can be bought from an amazing $10-15, but the more high tech models that we plan to look at are going to cost from $40 upwards, and the top of the range even sees us looking at around $250 a piece. You don’t have to outlay that for your cooker though and a $50 model will probably be more than adequate for your needs.

Hamilton Beach Set ‘N’ Forget

This is probably the most popular of all programmable slow cookers out there, the Hamilton Beach Set N Forget has a range of brilliant features and a 6 quart capacity that is perfect for family meals.

Hamilton Beach Set ‘N’ Forget Slow Cooker Review

Features include

  • Three simple cooking modes which are fully automatic: program mode, probe mode, and manual mode
  • Thermometer probe to tell you the temperature of the food whilst it cooks.
  • Travel-friendly design so you can take your cooker out to parties and more.6 qt stoneware crock, usually big enough for a whole chicken
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Even heat to cook consistently all the way through
  • Full-grip handles to help carrying
  • Power protection makes sure your cooker stays on in a brief power outage
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This is an exceptional choice in crock pot for families and budding cooks which will offer you all the features needed to simply and easily cook loads of dishes. A purchase you wont regret.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL605-S

This is a slightly more affordable model, and an original ‘Crock Pot’. The same size as the set ‘n’ forget, this offers some cool features too. Perhaps best of all is the revolutionary, completely locking lid which means you can take your crock pot anywhere, stick it on the passenger seat of your car and it won’t make a mess at all. Perfect.

Crock-Pot SCCPVL605-S Review

Features of the Crock Pot Include

  • 6-quart capacity that can feed large families.Locking Lid for your travels
  • Pre-set digital control allowing you to programme cook times from 30 mins to an incredible 20 hours.Automatically keeps warm once food is cooked.
  • Stylish, removable oven stoneware.
  • Frigidaire Professional 7-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker
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Another exceptional model of slow cooker, this is a slightly more expensive and maybe more ‘pro’ model that you may see in the kitchen of a chef. It has a stylish, stainless steel design and though is slightly more costly than the other two mentioned, has a larger capacity for large party meals and more.

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