Crock-Pot SCRBC750-BS Trio Slow-Cooker Server Review

For large families or families that entertain a lot the Crock-Pot SCRBC750-BS Trio Slow-Cooker Server is the perfect slow cooker. This slow cooker comes with three individual 2-1/2-Quart stoneware pots. This is great for parties or meals. With the parties, you can cook three appetizers at once and then cook them warm all throughout the party. If you plan to use it for a family, you can cook a main dish and two side dishes and serve them all at the same time.

I am very passionate about cooking; it is one of my favorite things to do. I am one of those people that love slow cookers because even on the days that I cannot cook a gourmet meal I can still serve my family a healthy and nutritious meal. I personally use my slow cooker twice a week, but during the cold winter months, I use it a lot more. The Crock-Pot SCRBC750-BS is perfect because I can cook all three of my family’s favorite soup on soup night with ease.

Crock-Pot SCRBC750-BS Trio Slow-Cooker Server Review


3 removable 2-1/2 Quart stoneware inserts. Some people think that having a 6-Quart slow cooker is a better answer than having three separate slow cookers with one base. I can understand the logic behind their thinking, but they have never had to cook three items in the slow cooker at once. Having the three separate inserts is a dream because I can easily cook dessert while cooking dinner and a vegetable. I can also cook all of my family’s favorite soups for soup night.

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Separate heat adjustments for each insert. Even though the slow cooker only comes with one base, each insert is individually controlled. This is great because it means I can adjust each insert to cook at the temperature that I want, whether it is high, low or keep warm. This is perfect for recipes that cook at different speeds.

Stay cool knobs on the glass lids. Each stoneware cookware comes with its own glass lid, which all three lids match. The lids also come with three serving spoons that rest on top, so each pot has its own designated spoon and no more worrying about spoon rests. The best part is the knob on each of the lid has a stay cool feature, so no more potholders or oven mitts.

Works as a serving dish or as storage for leftovers. Each of the inserts can be used as a serving dish at the table. Rather than scooping the contents onto a plate or into a bowl simply set out the stoneware insert and serve directly. Once the stoneware pots cool down they can also be placed inside the fridge to store leftovers, which means less dishes in the sink after dinner. Just ensure that the stoneware is cool enough to place in the fridge before doing so.


It is large and heavy. This is not something that I can easily store in my house; it takes up almost one section of my countertop. The other problem is that it is heavy to carry around, so I need help when moving it from the kitchen into the dining room if we are entertaining.

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The Crock-Pot SCRBC750-BS Trio Slow Cooker Server is perfect for those that love to entertain or even for large families. Its black and stainless steel design make it the perfect addition to most modern kitchens today. While it is on the pricier side, consumers must remember they are getting three slow cookers for one reasonable price.

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