Cuisinart CBK-200 Breadmaker Review

Cuisinart are a well respected and trusted kitchen brand and all reports point to the Cuisinart bread maker being no exception. The Cuisinart CBK-200 comes with the standard features for most bread makers in this price range but also offers a few exclusive settings such as a low carb, gluten free and artisan cycles.

The standard features include 3 different loaf sizes, 3 crust shades and various presets such as white, rapid white, whole wheat, rapid whole wheat, French/Italian, rapid French/Italian, quick bread/cake, dough/pizza dough, sweet breads, jam, last minute loaf and bake only.

Cuisinart CBK-200 Breadmaker Review

One of the unique features of this unit is the beep signal that tells you when it’s time to remove the kneading paddles. This feature is a great addition as it means you can take the paddles out to avoid the ugly hole that appears at the bottom of loafs made in other bread makers.

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The Cuisinart CBK-200 bread maker also comes with a power failure backup system which means if the power goes out you don’t have to worry about your loaf of bread being completely ruined. This isn’t going to be a problem that anyone would encounter frequently but it’s nice for peace of mind.

Probably the best and most important feature however, is the convection fan which ensures that the bread bakes evenly all the way through, giving the loaves great texture, shape and crust color. The convection fan also helps to ensure that deviating from the recipes in the book still gives great results. This is definitely a big plus in a bread maker as eventually you’ll want to try out your own creations.

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A minor problem with the cuisinart CBK-200 bread maker is that there’s no way to stop the machine in between cycles in order to tweak things a little. For most people this won’t be an issue as the machine creates quality bread without any need for interference. However, if you like to play around with yeast control and rising then it may be better to look elsewhere.


  • 16 preprogrammed menu options
  • 15-minute Pause
  • Bake-Only option
  • 12-Hour-Delay Start
  • Power Failure Backup


  • Low Carb & Gluten free options
  • Convection heating
  • Great recipe book


  • No way to pause and tweak


Overall, this is a very good quality bread maker for the price. While it’s fairly simple and straight forward to use, it also comes with numerous settings to experiment with and the convection fan is a big plus. If you’re looking for a simple, cost effective way to make bread at home then this product will suit you well.

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Customer Reviews

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Kelly B.“I started making my own bread in a cheap machine purchased at a local discount store. It did just fine, but after deciding to make ALL the bread consumed in my house, it was time to upgrade. I really liked the paddle-removal-beep feature on this machine. That, in itself, is reason to buy it. However, the paddle can be VERY VERY difficult to remove. It usually takes a good hard pull and half a dozen curse words to get it out. I’ve also had difficulty with this machine burning my bread. The recipes that come in the manual work great, but recipes from my bread machine cookbooks always burn. Of course, you can take the worked dough out and put it in the oven, but that sort of defeats the whole paddle-removal-beep feature. If you’re willing to work with it to figure out how to use your own recipes and you really hate the paddle hole in your current bread machine, it’s a good one.

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