Servings: 6

Weight Watcher Smart Points: 4

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 35 Minutes

Ready In: 45 Minutes


  • ½ cup (75 grams) blueberries
  • 3 tablespoons unrefined or brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons (28 grams) butter
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons unrefined or granulated sugar
  • ¼ cup (23 grams) oat flour1 (non-contaminated for gluten-free)
  • 1 tablespoon oat flour (non-contaminated for gluten-free)
  • ¼ cup (25 grams) traditional rolled or quick oats (non-contaminated for gluten-free)
  • 1¾ cup peaches (395 grams or about 3 small-medium peaches), peeled and cut into eighths


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) and spray two 5" tartlet pans with cooking spray
  2. Get out a cookie sheet.In a medium bowl, mix together the oat flour and sugar
  3. Cut the butter into this mixture using a pastry blender, fork, or your fingers
  4. Don't work it in so much that it becomes paste-like!Add in the oats, cinnamon and salt and stir until combined
  5. Set this aside.To make the filling, mix together the sugar, oat flour, and cinnamon in a medium bowl
  6. Add the peaches and blueberries and stir just until combined.Divide the fruit among the two tartlet pans and top with the topping.Place the crumbles on top of the cookie sheet (to prevent potential spillage from dirtying your oven) and bake for 35 - 40 minutes or until the topping is golden brown, crisp and the filling is bubbling.Remove from the oven and wait 10 minutes before serving.If not eating on the first day, cover and store at room temperature for 1 day
  7. You can also refrigerate it for up to 4 days.

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