T-Fal Emerilware 3-PoundBread & Baguette Breadmaker

The Emerilware Bread and Baguette Maker features a generous 3lbs non-stick loaf tin and baguette trays able to bake 4 mini baguettes at a time. Clear digital display, with touch pad controls and a glass viewing panel in the lid. 14 pre-programmed bread settings and a warming setting add to the functionality of this machine.

The body is white plastic for ease of cleaning. The bread and baguette marker comes with a range of accessories and recipes, including an instruction booklet. The appliance measures approximately 26½ x 19 x 15½ inches and weighs approx. 19 pounds. There is also a 12 month manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Reviews on the Emerilware 3lb Bread and Baguette Marker are very mixed, they include comments such as;-Brilliant! The baguette feature is something I have always wanted and I make baguettes at least once a week in my machine.

Really easy to use, even my husband can use it. Great value for money, and I save money by making my own specialty breads, which my family really enjoy.

Not all reviews have been positive some consumers have commented that they were disappointed there weren’t more recipes, but they were able to purchase a book of recipes and have had great results. A few people say the paddles get stuck in the middle of the bread, but a tool is provided to help release the hot bread from the paddles.

The machine is very quiet in operation, in fact sometimes you are tempted to go and check that it is actually working. The twin paddles ensure the dough is mixed correctly to give a good texture to the bread. The 14 pre-programmed settings do have some features not found on all machines such as gluten free, salt free, French and rye or multi grain bread settings.

Some of the other settings include whole wheat, and sweet. There are also settings for pasta and pizza dough as well as jam, cake, and baguette.

This means that you can have the bread you want baked the way you like it, with the added bonus of knowing exactly what is in the bread. Many find that making organic or specialist breads themselves saves them a considerable amount of money compared with store bought breads and baguettes.

There is an audible bleep feature to signal when to add any extra ingredients to the bread dough, such as fruit or nuts when making specialty breads, as it is important they are added at the right time to be sure they are properly blended into the dough.

Recipes are also included, 24 in the cook book and a further 12 recipe cards have been produced by famous award winning chef Emeril Lagasse. The machine also comes with a very clear instruction manual and a range of accessories which include a measuring cup, measuring spoon, baguette trays, bakers brush and finishing blade for a really professional finish.

A very useful feature of the Bread and Baguette maker is the automatic 1 hour warming cycle, ideal for reheating bread or adding extra baking time.

The machine is capable of making 4 individual mini baguettes at a time or a 2lb, 2½ lbs. or 3 lbs. loaf. The bread loaf sizes may be a touch too large for the smaller family or single person, but the bread produced does freeze really well.

For those who like to wake in the mornings or arrive home from work to the aroma of freshly baked bread there is a 15 hour timer and for safety an auto shut off. Cleaning the unit is really easy, the loaf tins and baguette trays are non-stick coated, and a special tool is included to release the paddles for cleaning.

The tray, paddles etc. can be washed in the sink with warm soapy water. The body of the unit has also been designed for ease of cleaning, being made of a very durable plastic; it can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

There is no doubt this is a very versatile machine with lots of very good features. Everything has been designed with ease of use in mind from the baking with the programming to the cleaning. The collaboration of the expertise of T Fal, (the manufacturer) and the genius of the master celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse have made a winning combination, the T-Fal Emerilware 3-PoundBread & Baguette Maker delivers everything one would expect and more.

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